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The Power of Prayer

With clarity and simplicity, Pastor Dennis Stephen Hamilton explains The Power and Possibility of Prayer. As you read this powerful and insightful book, it will inspire you to pursue the Lord through prayer so you can experience the power of God based upon an intimate relationship with Him.


Pastor Hamilton illustrates how prayer, as a focal point of your life, taps into the power of the kingdom of God so you can perform mighty exploits in the name of Jesus Christ. In the words of Pastor Hamilton, “Through prayer, finite man taps into the power of our infinite God.” It is this power that each Christian should seek in order to live a victorious life in Jesus Christ here on earth.


We must never neglect the importance of The Power and Possibility of Prayer, because as Pastor Hamilton correctly states, “We cannot expect God to intervene when we have not taken time to intercede.” Throughout these pages, Pastor Hamilton shares timeless wisdom and practical application on the subject of prayer, how to connect with heaven and inviting God into your affairs so His blessings are released in your life.

Pastor Andre Silvers, Pastor of Grace & Mercy Ministries

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