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The acronym stands for Discover Christ Totally Saves.


Our purpose is to publish books that will increase the reader’s spiritual potential.

The collection of books emphasizes the redemptive power of faith in Jesus in an

upbeat, conversational style. 


Our mission is to enable the reader to receive power, guidance, and joy by

enriching the mind, encouraging the heart, and empowering the spirit.  

We are here to support anyone to get published, particularly guiding pastors

through the publishing process. 


                         We Provide These Services

  • Consultation services for publishing

  • Printing

  • Publicity 


It is our desire to tell others how Jesus Christ can

change lives. We want people to know Jesus is the

answer for the world today. Whatever the problems

or issues that confront us, He is the answer.



Dennis Stephen Hamilton

I am a publisher and the founder of DCTS Publishing. I believe this publishing ministry is essential because of the extensive effects of the written word. Writing is different from preaching. Writing moves beyond your concentric circle of contact and across the world, while Preaching only reaches the audience in your congregation.

As the Pastor of The Light of Christ Christian Church in Santa Barbara, California, my life of ministry reflects the Good News of the Gospel for over a decade. In my early years, I was asked to be an interim pastor for a local church. It was during that time I choose to focus on the Bible study of praise. The people became very interested in this subject and consequently, this material gave birth to my first book, Turning Praise into Power – A Biblical Approach to Praise. 
My books emphasize the redemptive power of faith in Jesus in an upbeat, conversational style. It is my desire to tell others that Jesus can make a dynamic and demonstrative difference in people’s lives. Whatever problems confront us, He is able to solve them. If we receive Christ and cultivate His spirit with us and live for Him, we can have victorious lives.


Dennis Stephen Hamilton 

Founder, DCTS Publishing 

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