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Prayer of Jabez: What God Has for Me Is for Me!

What God Has for Me Is for Me

Jabez prayed a small prayer but received a tall prize.  Like Jabez we have the same access to God, and the ability to receive from His all the abundant blessings He has in store for us.  God is always open to hear the humble supplication of his saints. I have seen in the Word of God, repeatedly when men and women, rulers and aristocrat, Jews or gentile, people of high or low estate whenever they call of the Lord in humble adoration and admiration expressing their needs and desire.  God who is the giver of all good and perfect gifts most often times is very gracious to provide and answer to their prayer or cry.

Jabez believe, he wanted a better life, he was the best and was bless because he was stood taller and greater, above the rest.  The Bible says he was “more honorable, than his brethren.”  His mother called him Jabez name means pain because his birth caused her pain. Jabez was a man of low statue in his community who was criticize, stigmatize and ostracize but in spite of it all, he had a mother with a tender heart.  That somehow instilled in her son how to pursued help for the hand of God.  Jabez found favor with God. Jabez was the finest of his family.  Jabez was also the one responsible for his family fortune that was increase greatly.

What was so different about his prayer? It was a saintly, scared, strategic, with surgical sharpness and a spiritual desire to be heard on high.  From the depth of Jabez heart into the heavenly home of God.

There are seven positive principles in these passages that can profit our Christian pilgrimage here on planet earth as it relates to the power and possibility of prayer.

The Significant Source of his Supplication

(The God of Israel) A divine person. This was who Jabez directed his prayer too.  The God of Israel was the significant source of his supplication.  Let me remind you that it was the God of Israel who delivered the children out of Egyptian bondage.  The God of Israel who led them with a pillar of fire by night and cloud by day, it was the God of Israel that fed them with manna from heaven, gave them water out of a rock.  The children of Israel was blessed by the God of Israel who helped them cross red sea on dry ground after the Lord had parted the sea. 

The God of Israel was the significant source of Jabez supplication.  We too can make the God of Israel the significant source of our supplication. 

When we do our prayer will reach into the heavenly heart of the God of Israel and He will bless us.

I broke my cell phone, the battery was falling out and invariable the calls would drop.  I was on my way to Hart forth Connecticut to preached for my friend tenth church anniversary. On my way to the airport I stopped by a phone store to see about repairing my phone.  The clerk said that the phone was damaged beyond repair but I was eligible for and up grade.  Some of us would do well if we were to get an up grade on our prayer life where we would recognize the Lord is the significant sources of our supplication, address our needs and desire to the God of Israel.

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