• Dennis Stephen Hamilton

Monitored Emotions Maintains Healthy Relations

Frustrations is a common emotion, how we handle it is key. Everyone has disappointments and setbacks. An accumulation of frustrations unchecked may contribute to emotional abuse of self, via (substance issues), and the possible abuse of others via (unnecessary conflict).

Frustration, by definition: A deep chronic sense of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems and unfulfilled needs.

We need to determine ourselves to learn self-control and practice to become mature through the learning process.

There is a term in sociology called, SIB: (Self-Injurious Behavior). People who sometimes harm themselves through various means and methods. The pain is perceived by some as too hard to bear.

We are each accountable socially and mentally to be at a basic norm-level of maturity. Society teaches us it is unacceptable to hurt others or ourselves. Every good citizen is expected to learn how to control his or her emotions.

Recently, a news story reported a husband shot and killed his wife along with a student in her classroom. He then shot and killed himself. We also saw a news story about a doctor physical removed from his prepaid airline seat. He too sustained a physical attack. Obviously both situations could have been avoided. The two events showed emotions out of control.

We make the decision to determine ourselves to govern our own will, train our minds and direct our behaviors to produce self-control. We also need to be determined to love ourselves, as well as our neighbor, and to develop our empathy for others. We must strive to be mature members of society and exercise good judgment and self-control.

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